May 16, 2016

What is Berkeley’s plan?
It is important that we continue to invest in our staff who provide essential support to the academic mission of the university. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that this year once again we will fund a combination of merit based increases and bonuses, and we will continue to address equity issues relating to compensation for similar job titles across campus. Consistent with the directive from the UC Office of the President, responding to feedback from the staff, across-the-board increases are no longer permitted.  

How will the program work and be funded?
As part of their annual budget planning, units will provide funding in an amount equivalent to 3% of the total compensation of eligible non-represented staff. It will be distributed in a two-step program: two-thirds of the funds designated for merit-based increases and one-third of the funds for internal equity based increases. Individual merit-based salary adjustments will vary depending on performance, and will not necessarily be at the 3% level. For example, based on past experience merit increases have ranged from 1-6%.  Equity adjustments vary on a case by case basis. Units may not spend over their total annual caps.

Merit increases will be effective 7/1/16 unless deferred for reasons explained below. Equity adjustments are effective 11/1/16.

What’s new this year?
There are a couple of notable changes to the plan this year to emphasize the importance of completion of performance reviews and mandatory sexual harassment and sexual violence (SHSV) prevention training. For those experiencing technical issues in completing this training, please consult our FAQ page online.

  • Merit increases for PPSM Supervisors and Managers are contingent on:
    (a) Completion of written performance reviews for all subordinate non-represented staff in their unit by 8/31/16, confirmed by the VCs and Deans, or designees.
    (b) Completion of mandatory SHSV prevention training by all subordinate staff (non-represented and represented) in their unit, confirmed by the VCs and Deans, or designees. Managers will be provided a way to check the completion progress of all employees in their unit. In the meantime, managers may check the status of their direct reports by accessing the Compliance Training webpage.
  • Merit increases for individual contributors (non-manager/supervisor staff) are contingent on completion of mandatory SHSV prevention training.
  • Merit increases that are delayed (due to non-completion of any of the above) will not be retroactive and will be effective the 1st of the month following completion of the required training and/or performance reviews.
  • Final date for submission of merit decisions (and completion of the above) is 8/31/16.

When will recipients see the increases in their paycheck?

Assuming mandatory training is completed, staff will see the merit increase retroactively effective 7/1/16 in their paycheck for October (received 11/1/16 if paid monthly and 10/19/16 if paid biweekly). Retroactive checks will be received 11/1/16 for those paid monthly and 11/16/16 for those paid biweekly.

Equity increases will be effective 11/1/16 and will be reflected in their paycheck for November (received 12/1/16 if paid monthly and 11/16/16 if paid biweekly).

One-time performance-based bonuses
Staff Award and Recognition program (STAR) one-time Achievement Award bonuses may be considered for exceptional performance on stretch goals. In FY17, $2 million in central funding will be allocated to campus units for use on Spot and Achievement Awards. Distribution of the funds within the unit is at the discretion of the VC or Dean. In addition to the merit and equity increases, employees may be nominated for these awards. The STAR award review and approval process varies by unit. This program supports our commitment to developing and rewarding a high performance culture.

Where can I get more information?
The guidelines provide information about eligibility criteria for both merit and equity increases, as well as important deadlines. Please review the milestone dates!

Reminder - Performance Ratings
As in past years, the expectation is that no more than 15% of the staff in each unit will be rated at the highest level, 5 – exceptional. This is a rating level that is reached once in awhile upon completion of a major contribution. Clarification on ratings is available.

Constructive feedback is increasingly important throughout the year but especially in the annual review. Performance Reviews that are not completed on time default to a satisfactory rating.

What about represented staff?
Annual salary adjustments for represented staff are addressed through the collective bargaining process.

What’s Next?
Deans and Vice Chancellors will provide further information regarding their unit’s procedures for administering this year’s salary program. In the meantime, FAQ's about this year’s program are now available online. Additional questions may be sent to or handled by your HR Partner.