October 20, 2015

Open Enrollment for health and welfare benefits is around the corner and "Are You Covered?" is our theme for UC Benefits this fall.

Additional information, including a general summary of key benefits enhancements and plan costs will be available on Oct 26th at the 2016 Open Enrollment link.

October 2, 2015


Every fall, as the new academic year begins, it has been our custom to send out two, key messages to the campus community. One is traditionally about our dedication to building an inclusive and diverse workforce, and a working environment where people feel welcomed. The other is focused on the importance of our Principles of Community, and how the values enshrined in those Principles intersect with our support for free speech and expression.

September 22, 2015

Principles Guiding Accountability for Violation of University Time, Place & Manner Rules

The University strongly supports the constitutionally guaranteed rights of members of the University community as well as visitors to engage in discussion, debate and protest.  The free and open exchange of ideas and perspectives is essential to a healthy democracy and a foundational element of any academic community.