My employee can't see the form online - what can I do?

This is usually caused by the 1st level supervisor not releasing the form to the employee after the 2nd level supervisor has signed off. 1st level supervisor will need to open the form and click the green 'Final; discuss with employee' button at the bottom of the form.

I need to make changes to the form, but I've already released it to the employee for signing OR my employee has signed it already - what do I do?

If this happens you will need to contact Paul Carroll at to have the System Administrator re-open the form. Please note that this will automatically re-set the signatures and you will need to go through the signature approval process again (1st level approver, 2nd level approver, employee).

My employee has completed a self-assessment - how do I attach it to the form?

Attachments are not supported in this pilot year of the online form. Instead you can either send the self-assessment directly to HR, or you can print out the form and submit both in paper format at the same time.

Is it just me or is the form printing blank?

If you simply type information into the form and click 'print,' the form will print blank. Make sure you click either of the two Save buttons (yellow or green) beforehand, then print.

What exactly is the “web form”?

It’s a document, like a Google Doc, that you can go in and out of to update as needed during the year, share online with the second level reviewer at the end of the year before finalizing an annual review, and ultimately send to the employee being reviewed. When it is final, it is signed electronically by all parties and archived.

Who’s in charge?

You are! Managers & Supervisors drive this process, from starting a new form and filling in the details, to releasing it to 2nd level approvers (if needed), and final delivery to the employee.

But I was comfortable with MS Word…

The advantages of an online form over paper are significant. Firstly, you get a cloud-based version that you can save, update, edit, and ultimately archive. Secondly - it’s shareable, just like Google Docs, so there’s no need to print or email multiple versions that you and the second level reviewer may want to discuss. It’s also secure, protected by your Cal ID, giving you ultimate control over the form. And, there’s a personalized dashboard where both supervisor and 2nd level approver can see all their reviews in one place and start to calibrate ratings.

How can I share my draft review ahead of time with my employee as I’ve done in the past?

You have a couple of options. As you’ve done in the past, you can print your draft and give it to the employee, or save it as a Word document and send it to them.

Can we use the form for self-evaluations?

Not this year. But you can still ask employees to prepare their self reviews in alternate programs like Word or Google Docs and share with you. The online form allows for direct copy & pasting into it.

Wait - I don’t have a 2nd level approver! - What do I do?

In cases where a 2nd level approver is not needed you can simply enter your own name as both supervisor and 2nd level approver.

Alternatively, an HR Partner (or unit designee who requires global access to your unit) can act as 2nd level approver to track progress toward completing the reviews throughout the process and follow-up with you on missing sign-offs.

I have more than 5 goals for my employee but the online form maxes out - what do I do?

The option to include more than 5 goals does exist, but you will have to move back to a paper form. Ideally, the review should highlight the top 3-4 for the year. If you would like more information about goal setting, check out this Wisdom Cafe article on 3 simple questions that help guide your thinking.

Unusual situations - I have 2 supervisors, or 2 2nd level approvers or a 3rd level approver - what do I do?

These situations are uncommon and have a couple of options. You can revert to the old process to share drafts and final reviews with multiple supervisors and approvers, either by sharing paper copies or Word documents.

If the supervisors can agree on one of them being the “driver” of the form, that person can coordinate and add input from the others. Same if there are multiple 2nd level approvers. In the end there needs to be agreement on a single rating so coordinating from the beginning may prove helpful.

​How can I share the form with my HR Business Partner?

​​If your HR Business Partner is part of your review process and needs to review the form, you can designate the HR Partner as a 2nd level approver. If that is not an option, you will need to print a hard copy or save as a pdf to send to your HR Business Partner for their review.  This functionality is something we are working on for next year, as the current version of the online form does not have a delegate or administrator function.

Performance Review Contingency - At what managerial level will the merit increase be affected?

Full Question: The ​​program guidelines​ for non-represented staff​ state that merit increases for PPSM Supervisors/Managers are contingent on completion of written performance reviews for all subordinate non-represented staff in their unit​, as​ confirmed by their manager. At what managerial level will the merit increase be affected?

​​If you are a supervisor/manager, you must complete performance reviews for each of your non-represented direct reports to be eligible for a merit increase. If any of these required performance reviews are incomplete as of 8/31/16, your merit increase will be delayed until the 1st of the month following completion of the missing review(s). 

This delay affects only your merit. Merits for your own manager and for your subordinate managers are not affected (assuming they have each completed all of their own required reviews).

How does this work in my department if some of us use the paper form and some of us use the online form?

Ideally, all the supervisors and approvers in the department are using the same forms. The dashboard information that tracks completions is most effective if everyone is using the new electronic version.

In some cases, this won’t be possible. For example, you may have already started your annual reviews and are too far down the road to change now. Someone in the unit needs to track completion of the reviews for the purpose of processing merit increases this year. And, the paper forms need to be submitted to CSS following the normal process.

What will happen if I use the paper form?

You will follow the same procedures as years past. And trees will cry.

If I use the online form, do I need to print a copy to send to CSS?

No, if the review was done and signed online, it will be sent to CSS by the system administrator once the process closes (August 31st, 2016). Reviews will not be visible in the system once it closes. If you need a copy beyond that date, you will either need to save a pdf to your own files, or request a hardcopy from CSS.

If an employee asks me why a dialogue box appears, after they click to sign, that reads: “My signatures indicates I have received a copy of this review.” How should I explain this?

If you decided to share the form as a draft with the employee, tell them not to sign it yet. You plan on discussing it with them first.

If it is final and they now need to sign-off on the form, remind them that they are simply acknowledging receipt (there is even a message box that will alert, “My signature indicates I have received a copy of this review”), not signing their tacit approval of the form’s content.

What do I do if the employee refuses to sign, will not acknowledge receipt, or cannot sign (out on leave etc)?

You click the “employee is unavailable or refused to sign” green button at the bottom of the form.

Make sure you consult with your HR partner who can help communicating the evaluation through the normal process.

Where can an employee include comments?

This year employee comments can either get included in the overall comments box where you can specify they are employee comments. Alternatively, you can follow the same procedure as with a paper form and append a separate document with employee comments.

How do I attach a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) to the Performance Evaluation?

At this time, a paper attachment of the PIP should be printed and manually submitted.

Are Performance Reviews required for rehire retirees?

No performance reviews are not mandated for rehire retirees, although it would be a good practice to do a review with them. They will not be included on the merit roster, and are not eligible for a merit increase - so if a manager does not do a review, it would not impact the manager's eligibility for merit increase.

Will the completed electronic form be available for reference next year?

Reviews will not be visible in the system once it closes. If you need a copy beyond that date, you will either need to save a pdf to your own files, or request a hardcopy from CSS.

Can ratings from the online form load directly to the merit roster?

This year the online form does not link directly to the merit roster.

Are you working on any feature enhancements?

Absolutely! For FY17 we are working on the following additions:

  • The ability for Goals to auto-populate next year’s form
  • Creating space for employee comments
  • A live link to HCM that will auto-populate:
    • Merit roster
    • Employee information

In addition, we want your feedback. This is a new venture that can benefit from user comments. Although it was tested with multiple groups before releasing, it can always be improved. Our goal is to create a satisfactory experience for our staff and an efficient process for collecting the results.