When should a manager consider giving a one-time performance-based bonus?

Managers are encouraged to consider using one-time bonuses for top performance achievements at any time during the year. However, Achievement Awards typically occur toward the end of the fiscal year. In fy17, we have set aside $2 million to be allocated to campus units for use on Spot and Achievement Awards, and to be distributed within the unit at the discretion of the unit head. Individual award decisions are at the discretion of unit managers, and are handled through the Staff Appreciation and Recognition (STAR) program which continues to provide for $500 Spot Awards and Achievement Awards from $2000 up to $10,000 (or 10% of the annual base whichever is lower). Managers have the flexibility to award substantial one-time bonuses and consider a lower base adjustment, particularly in situations where the achievement of a significant stretch goal warrants a higher level of reward than can be provided with a base salary adjustment. The STAR award review process varies by unit. This program supports our commitment to developing and rewarding a high performance culture.

What is the process for nominating an employee for a performance-based award?

Managers who nominate an employee for an Achievement Award should follow their unit’s established process for review, approval and pay-out of the award.

How are performance-based awards funded?

Performance-based awards via the STAR program are one-time bonuses covered by centrally allocated funding.

Are represented staff eligible?

The Teamsters are eligible for the STAR program. Other represented staff are not eligible.