Who is eligible to participate in the 2016-17 PPSM Merit Salary Increase Program?

Staff covered by Personnel Policies for Staff members (PPSM) policy:

  • In a Career or contract appointment included in salary ranges 15 – 30 hired before 1/4/16
  • On payroll in an eligible position and appointment on the date that the pay increase is paid, and
  • Performing at a level that meets expectations.

Contract appointments are handled on a case by case basis.

Who is not eligible for consideration for the merit salary increase?

  • New hires and rehires on or after 1/4/16
  • Rehired Retirees
  • Employees who have salaries exceeding the salary range maximum for their position 

How are performance ratings a factor in the salary increase amount?

The matrix below is an example of how the employee’s performance rating and the quartile the employee resides in the salary range (market lag) may be considered. Individual managers may administer the program differently.  

Compa-Ratio Image

How do I explain why an employee with a 4 rating in the 4th quartile has a salary increase range of 1.0-1.5% and another employee with a 3 rating in the 1st quartile has a higher increase range of 2.0-2.5%?

Berkeley’s salary ranges are market priced to the Bay Area. A job is considered paid at market when the compa-ratio is close to 100%. An employee in the 4th quartile (118% compa-ratio or higher) is well-paid for their job while an employee in the 1st quartile (65-83%) is at the low end of the market range for their position. The employee in the 1st quartile should be receiving larger increases if they are performing satisfactorily or better to bring them closer to market. The employee in the 4th quartile should receive a smaller increase because they are already well-paid for their job. If a significant stretch goal was achieved the employee could be considered for a one-time performance bonus.

The guidelines state that merit increases for Supervisors/Managers are contingent on completion of written reviews for all subordinate non-represented staff confirmed by their manager. At what managerial level will the increase be affected?

​If you are a supervisor/manager, you must complete performance reviews for each of your non-represented direct reports to be eligible for a merit increase. If any of these required performance reviews are incomplete as of 8/31/16, your merit increase will be delayed until the 1st of the month following completion of the missing review(s).

This delay affects only your merit. Merits for your own manager and for your subordinate managers are not affected (assuming they have each completed all of their own required reviews).

Will the Berkeley campus salary ranges be adjusted?

Berkeley’s salary ranges will be adjusted by 2% effective July 1, 2016.

Who is considered a “Career” employee?

PPSM policy covered employees with an appointment type 2 (Career) and appointment type 7 (Partial-Year Career) are considered a “career” employee.

An employee is promoted or reclassified from a represented position into a non-represented PPSM position , and received a promotional/reclassification salary increase. Is this employee still eligible to participate in this 2016-17 salary program?

Full Question: An employee is promoted or reclassified from a represented position (covered by policies contained in the bargaining unit contract) into a non-represented PPSM position on or after January 4, 2016, and received a promotional/reclassification salary increase. Is this employee still eligible to participate in this 2016-17 salary program?

No, eligibility is limited to non-represented, career staff covered by PPSM before January 4, 2016.

Are Contract (appointment type 1) employees eligible for a salary increase?

It depends. Some contracts stipulate that the employee receive the same percentage increase as the campus control figure. Departments should review all contracts to determine if a salary adjustment will need to be provided.

Should employees who have separated from the University on or after the effective date of the program, but before the payout date, receive the increase?

No. Based on past practices and operational considerations, any separated or terminated employee is ineligible for a salary increase. They must be actively employed on the payout date to receive the increase.

An employee in my department has already received a 24% salary increase this fiscal year. Will this employee be eligible to receive any further salary adjustment?

Full Question: An employee in my department has already received a 24% salary increase this fiscal year.  I understand that under PPSM policy, an employee's total salary increase in a single fiscal year (including merit, reclassification, promotion, and equity adjustments) shall not exceed 25% of the employee's base salary (as of June 30, 2016, in this situation) unless an exception is granted by the Chancellor.  Will this employee be eligible to receive any further salary adjustment?

When the updated PPSM Policy 30 was issued in 201, it stipulated that system-wide salary program salary increases are now excluded from the 25% calculation.  Hence, no need to gain additional approval for a merit salary increase that takes the current fiscal year total increase percentage over 25%.

If an employee transferred from another UC location after January 4, 2016 to our campus, are they eligible to receive a merit increase?

It depends.  Assuming that the entire eligibility criterion is met, then, yes, the employee is eligible.  However, in the automated merit roster the employee will appear to be ineligible since they did not have a Career appointment at UC Berkeley before January 4th (HIRE).  Please send the employee’s name and the name of the previous UC location to Compensation Operations Manager Scott Dinkelspiel (scottd3@berkeley.edu) for validation that the employee did not receive a salary increase when moving to the Berkeley campus.  Departments will be notified regarding the update process once the eligibility validation has been completed.

Is a career employee who goes below .50 FTE still eligible?

No. Once a career employee drops below a .50 FTE, appointment status changes to Limited.

How does the merit salary increase affect an administrative stipend?

If the stipend was established as a percentage of base pay, the stipend should increase when the base salary increases.  If the stipend was established as a flat dollar amount, the stipend amount should not change. 

Are employees on leave status eligible?

Yes, assuming they meet all other eligibility criteria.  Merit increases for employees on leave can be processed by the web-based application.

An employee recently transferred to my department. With the performance evaluation period being July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016, how do I conduct a performance evaluation?

The current department will need to contact the old department for an assessment of the employees’ performance for the time period the employee was in the old department in order to determine eligibility.  If no one is available to provide that review, the current evaluation should state the period of time being used by the current supervisor.

How do we treat an employee who does not have a performance evaluation?

PPSM requires that all non-represented staff have an annual performance evaluation.  Employees who do not have a written, documented performance evaluation during the past twelve months (July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016) will be deemed to be “3 – ME – Meets Expectations” and are eligible to receive a salary increase.

An employee works 50% time in my department and 50% time in another department. How will this employee’s increase be handled?

The employee will appear on two rosters – your department roster and the roster in the other department.  Each 50% appointment will be handled separately.