Can background check information about a UC employee be transferred from one campus to another, in the case of a transfer from one sensitive position to another sensitive position on a different campus?

Fingerprint information and perpetual updates from DOJ/FBI cannot be transferred between campuses when a career UC employee in a sensitive position transfers from one campus to another. The UC Police Department (UCPD) has clarified that the agency that submits the fingerprints is required to use a unique identifying number issued by the DOJ; information cannot be transferred from one agency to another. (For example, if a person is transferred from UC Berkeley to UC San Francisco [UCSF], UCPD would drop him/her from their database. If UCSF wanted to track that individual, they would need to submit a new set of fingerprints to DOJ/FBI). Protection of privacy and confidentiality issues prohibit agencies from sharing data. Consequently, background checks should be obtained before hiring/promoting career employees who are transferring from another UC campus to fill sensitive positions, when there will be no break in service.

If there will be a break in service, in most cases this individual may begin work (provisionally) before the background check is complete, since s/he will serve a new probation period and can be released if s/he does not clear the background check.