What conviction history information is considered?

Your qualifications for the job are evaluated first.  Hiring managers will not see the information provided or have access to additional information you may provide.

If you are a finalist for a job, you will be required to supply information about any convictions for a felony or misdemeanor that resulted in imprisonment, probation, or fine over the past seven years.

You are not to report any of the following:

  • Traffic violations with an imposed fine of $500 or less, e.g. DUIs
  • Any offence that was finally settled in a juvenile court or referred to the Youth Authority.
  • Any incident that has been sealed under Welfare and Institution Code Section 781 or Penal Code Section 1203.45.
  • Any conviction in Health and Safety Section 11.361.5, which pertains to various marijuana offenses.

How far back does the check for convictions go? Will it include all convictions?

Only convictions within the past seven years will be considered by the Review Committee. The DOJ will report conviction results in the State of California, and the FBI will report national convictions.  However, the only ones the Background Check Committee reviews are those that occurred within the last seven years, and only those that are not restricted by law.