How long will the background results remain on file at the UCPD?

The UCPD will keep the background check results on file at their office until the employee leaves the campus.  When an employee leaves and is not expected to return, departments can send an email to UCPD notifying them that the individual has left University employment. The UCPD Records Unit will destroy records after an employee leaves and will notify DOJ to discontinue the updates. Departments can send the email to this UCPD address:

Where should departments file background check information?

Background check information should not be kept in an individual's personnel file. For current employees, this information should be kept in a separate file. For applicants who are hired, background check information should be kept in the recruitment file for that position. If someone is not hired, it is ok to keep all of the information in one file. Visit the following HR web site for other questions and answers about staff employee personnel files including a list of items that do not belong in the personnel files of an employee: Personnel Files.

How will the University protect an individual's right to privacy?

Conviction history background checks are conducted by the campus Police Department (UCPD) under the supervision of the Chief of Police. The UCPD will serve as the Office of Record for all conviction history background check results and will maintain confidentiality. Departments will not receive any details of a background check, only a notification of whether the background check has revealed any convictions relevant to the job duties. UC policy and state and federal laws recognize a subject's right to privacy and prohibit campus employees and others from seeking out, using, or disclosing personal information except within the scope of their assigned duties

Who will have access to the background check results?

The University of California Police Department (UCPD) will maintain the results of background checks. If there are no convictions, UCPD will notify the department to complete the hiring process. The original report will remain in the Police Department. If there are convictions within the last seven years, the UCPD will notify the Background Check Committee, which will review the results and make final determinations regarding the suitability of subjects for specific positions. In accordance with California law AB655, the UCPD will also provide a summary of the background check to the subject of the investigation, regardless of the results.