In addition to UC Berkeley's Core Competencies, which apply to all staff, we have a set of Management Competencies specifically for the role of Manager and Supervisor.

Management Competencies

Strategic Focus

Definition: Sets the vision and defines the strategyJob Level
Key Skills Lead Supervisor Manager
Develops and uses organizational acumen
Sets strategy and direction
Creates organizational structure
Develops financial and resource plans
Influences, communicates and presents effectively
Makes timely and ethical supervision decisions
Manages change
Develops organizational readiness

Operational Focus

Definition: Drives team performanceJob Level
Key Skills Lead Supervisor Manager
Aligns team plans with organization vision and leadership strategies
Defines and delegates work
Sets team goals & quality / customer service standards
Organizes and facilitates meetings
Builds detailed operational plans
Develops metrics, team systems, and processes for continuous improvement
Assesses team success and addresses problems
Manages budget and resources
Resolves conflict
Builds collaboration

Employee Focus

Definition: Drives individual performanceJob Level
Key Skills Lead Supervisor Manager
Defines position roles and requirements
Supports development of a diverse workforce
Sets expectations and individual performance goals
Engages and develops employees
Conducts performance reviews
Motivates, recognizes, and rewards employees

Workplace Focus

Definition: Ensures a positive working environmentJob Level
Key Skills Lead Supervisor Manager
Develops a high-performance culture
Ensures an inclusive workplace
Ensures a safe workplace
Ensures compliance with all legal, contractual and UC Policy requirements