Effective October 1, 2016, the campus has collapsed the four levels of student assistant titles to three levels.  We will no longer use the Student Assistant I (4922) title.  The Student Assistant II (4921) title will be the entry level title for the series.  The Student Assistant II minimum salary rate will be $12.53/hour to align with the Berkeley city minimum wage requirement of $12.53/hour, effective October 1, 2016.

Student Assistant positions are created and reserved only for registered UCB students. The positions are slotted into one of three levels within the Student Assistant II – IV job series (4919 – 4921).

Please note the usage of the Appointed Official (Student Activities) (4329) title code is intended to be used ONLY for non-UCB students and all appointments within the 4329 title code need to be 3-limited appointment types.

Setting salaries within the broad student assistant salary range should be based upon the salary (hourly rate) one would typically pay a staff employee to perform similar functions adjusted for a lower level of responsibility.  The primary focus of our students is their academic program.  Work assignments are adjusted around those priorities so students are generally not held to the same level of performance and/or accountability as career or limited term employees.

Starting salaries are typically set between the salary range minimum and the 1st quartile of the salary range. One may consider adjusting a student employee’s salary after one year. Please note that the system-wide Fair Wage/Fair Work ordinance does not apply to student assistant positions because their primary relationship at the University is as a student and not as an employee.

Assistant II (4921)

Assistant II (4921), $12.53 - $15.00 (__) Assistant I (4724)
  Assistant Scene Technician (6334)
  Assistant Storekeeper (5065)
  Bibliographer (6733)
  Bibliographer II (6721)
  Coder (4962)
  Delivery Worker (5066)
  Engineering Aid (7163)
  Facilities Mgt Specialist 3 (5195)
  Farm Laborer (8543)
  Groundskeeper (8133 )
  Key Entry Operator (4773)
  Laboratory Assistant I (9605)
  Laboratory Assistant II (9603)
  Library Assistant I (6762)
  Library Assistant II (6761)
  Parking Representative (5334)
  Projectionist (6203)
  Rec Program Leader 2 (4133)
  Security Guard (5327)
  Senior Clerk/Secretary (4672)
  Senior Coder (4961)
  Senior Custodian (5116)
  Senior Food Service Worker (5651)
  Senior Linguistic Interpreter (6652)
  Senior Museum Preparator (9633)
  Senior Survey Worker (7232)
  Sports Assistant (4021)
  Survey Worker (7233)
  Translator-Nontechnical (6693)

Assistant III (4920)

Assistant III (4920), $12.53 - $20.00 (__) Assistant II (4723 )
  Assistant Editor (7685)
  Assistant Writer (7705)
  Building Maintenance Worker (8213)
  Child Development Center Teacher I (4107)
  Computer Operator (4813)
  Computer Resource Specialist I (4805)
  Laboratory Assistant III (9602)
  Library Assistant III (6760)
  Musician 2 (6136)
  Policy/Project Analyst 1 (7396)
  Principal Engineering Aid (7161)
  Public Ed Specialist 1 (4166)
  Resident Advisor 2 (4570)
  Scene Technician (6333)
  Senior Auto Equipment Operator (8486)
  Senior Computer Operator (4812)
  Senior Engineering Aid (7162)
  Staff Research Associate I (9613)

Assistant IV (4919)

Assistant IV (4919), $16.00 - $35.00 (__) Assistant III (4722)
  Admin Officer 2 (7376)
  Business Tech Support Sup 1 (7560)
  Computer Resource Specialist II (4804)
  Info Syst Analyst 1 (7307)
  Info Syst Analyst 2 (7308)
  R/D Engineer 2 (7119)
  Research Data Analyst 2 (6256)
  Principal EH&S Technician (7141)
  Principal Illustrator (6111)
  Senior Projectionist (6202)
  Staff Research Associate II (9612)
  Student Life and Dev Spec 1 (4562)